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Solutions to problems in grade school, high school, college and some graduate level courses in Mathematics or Physics.  Got a problem you were unable to solve?  Give us a try.  There is no charge for periodic or occasional problem submissions.  If we can solve it, you will usually get an answer within 48 hours or less.


Now why would anyone solve a problem for you and at no charge?  It is because when you are learning math or physics, we learn as well.  Sometimes the simplest problem you propose tempts one to go even further to learn what is really involved mathematically.


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Rules For Submitting Problems


1.  Include your name and hometown so that we will recognize you when you "show up" again.


2.  Is your question part of an assignment for a high school, college or other class?  If so, your turning in a literal solution from us would, in effect, be plagiarism.  However, in such cases we can often present a solution to a similar, or parallel, problem, allowing you to translate the results to your assignment problem.  Then there is no reason why your assignment submission should not then be awarded full, and original, credit.


3.  Create a "need to know."  Why do you need a solution to that problem?  Please do not submit puzzles found on the Internet merely because you couldn't solve them.  (We have a "gazillion" puzzles you probably can't solve either.)  However, one of those may have really caught your interest.  Why?


4.  Concept explanations can often be explained in words using regular Email.  However, math and physics explanations often require equations or diagrams.  Hence, your Email must accept Microsoft Word.DOC or Adobe.PDF files as attachments and you must be able to open such documents once received.  The reason for this is that complex mathematical equations are virtually impossible to write within an Email.  Free Hot Mail might not allow this.  Word Pad, free with Windows, can open Word documents.


5.  A high-speed internet connection is recommended, although not a strict requirement, as the attached Word documents can often approach one megabyte of data.



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